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Film is a period drama that depicts timeless struggle between religion and secular authority, idealism and duplicity, eroticism and faith. Daas explores the influence of 18th-century messiah claimant Jacob Frank (an authentic figure played by Olgierd Łukaszewicz). Claiming powers of mystical healing and prophecy, Frank promises immortality to his converts. Henryk Klein, a Viennese lawyer (Mariusz Bonaszewski) investigates Frank, and starts to believe that there has been a conspiracy formed that involves some of the most influential people in the Austrian Empire. Meanwhile, a minor nobleman Jakub Goliński (Andrzej Chyra), Frank’s long-time disciple who left his sect is seeking justice. Once a devoted believer, he now takes action against his former guru. The fates of these men inevitably interweave…

Directed by: Adrian Panek

Written by: Adrian Panek

DOP: Arkadiusz Tomiak

Photographic equipment: D35

Color Grading:  Marcin Kryjom, Martyna Laskowska D35

Conforming: D35 

Special effects (digital): D35

CO-production: D35